Sunday, March 26, 2017

Xcape Singapore Experience

I Love it!!! :D

We paid S$28 each, there were 3 of us. The only available room at that time was the Whisper of the Dead room. It was the first time that we tried to do an escape room game and we had so much fun even though the room has 4-star difficulty out of 5 lolz.

How did we find it?

By coincidence :)

I was hoping that we could do this while in Singapore, but I really didn't expect that we could because our itinerary was already full for each day that we were there. However, on the day that we were scheduled for Bugis Street, we passed by a poster of Xcape and it so happened that they are just located at the 3rd floor of that building. Deep inside I really wanted to do it, but I didn't expect my cousins would want to lolz, I was surprised when they decided to do it right there and then.

I'm going to tell things that we've done and the clues we solved.

We were laughing most of the time because we didn't have any idea how to solve the clues and the time pressure was real lolz. I was excited to use the blue flashlight I saw only in CSI tv series, I think it's called Forensic light or something. We were able to solve the first clue and found the numbers on the globe there with the use of the blue light. I was so happy to see those numbers , so exhillarating to solve a problem and seeing results lolz love it. I seem to be addicted to solving clues. I want to do all the rooms that they have :D

However, we only found 2 numbers and we needed four. It was already how many minutes that we spent on that first room, but we were still unable to open the lock and so the girl in charge entered our room and helped us out lolz. She would be doing this for several times in the whole hour that we were locked up lolz. We failed in getting out before time ran out, but it was really fun and I want to do it again. I learned that I should be observant of all the things that are inside the room and use logic to solve the problem.

Me (center) and my cousins after the game
For more info on these amazing escape rooms, check out their website at Xcape

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Singapore WiFi Router Rental Review

I Love It! :D

It was already set up when we got it and so we only need to know the password for the wifi connection and we're good to go. We had unlimited connection and it was very fast. I think it was 200 or 500 mbps, I forgot, but it was really fast.  We used it for 6 days. I don't really know how much it was, since my brother was the one who paid for it. You can visit their site here for more info.

The 3 of us, my cousins and I, were able to use google maps and fb messenger while on the go which is very important since we were meeting up with people and we were trying to locate the places we want to go to.

I love having internet connection wherever I go. Being in Singapore for the first time and seeing the sights, I was excited to go on facebook live lolz. So, I was really glad when my brother (who's currently working in SG) got us this pocket wifi that we can take anywhere and be connected online.

Although, we had a problem for one day, not sure what happened, but we lost connection to the wifi and we needed to set up another profile on their log in website to resolve it. I'm just glad that even though we didn't have direct connection with their customer service (my brother relayed info from them to us), we were still able to fix the problem and we were able to connect again to the wifi.

I prefer the wifi connection of this router since the hotel wifi is slow.

Fragrance Hotel Balestier Review

I like it.

Because it's clean,
it smelled good everytime we enter the hallway of the 3rd floor where our room was.
Bed was comfortable and the toilet was clean.

our bed at Fragrance Hotel Balesteir
This room was for 3 persons. I was the one in the upper deck, I love it.

They have water heater and free wifi. We used Singapore WiFi Router Rental, so we didn't really need their wifi, except when our rented wifi had problems.

We were out for most of the day, we just went to the hotel to sleep, so for me it was a good place to stay in if you are on a budget. The bed and the blanket are super comfortable, the place is quiet. Except for the times we heard a crying baby on another room. But, still, I got a really good sleep after a day of walking.

Fragrance Hotel Balestier is located near the bus stop and there are mini grocery stores like cheers and 7-11 near the hotel too and just a few steps away from a bar if you want to drink beer past 10:30pm.

what's in front of the hotel

what you see across the street

Entrance to the hotel

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Clark Immigration Experience

I went to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia last week with my cousins.

One of the places we went to was Merlion Park.

I had a great time and I would love to travel again if given the chance. :)

It was the first time that I went out of the country, so I was excited and nervous at the same time and the moment with the immigration happened. I shouldn't have smiled, but I was so excited to go out of the country, that I smiled at the immigration officer. Which in hindsight is a bad move lolz. I hate that guy who didn't stamped my passport immediately and gave me a hard time just because it's my first time to fly out of this country. He even asked me how I became cousins with my 2 cousins, who I'm travelling with, he asked me for a picture while I'm working lolz, he even asked me for a birth certificate!!! I have a passport and he's asking for a birth certificate, he doesn't trust DFA. I didn't show my real temper and just held it in a little because he might not stamped my passport just to spite me.

Good thing, he called on to his superior.

The girl who came and stood beside the guy, asked me lots of questions too, but at least she knows where and what is Didi's pizza (the most iconic restaurant in our area, it's been serving people since 1972 and that guy doesn't know about it, our former president, Pnoy knew it, but he doesnt. neways, of course there are people who don't know that this resto exists, but I rarely meet them here in angeles, pampanga, so I was surprised when that guy didn't recognized the name when I mentioned it.)

She asked the same questions as that guy, the only difference was when she asked where I worked and I told her Didi's pizza, she recognized the name. She kept on looking at the papers that I gave her, the printed tickets for the different places we are going to go to when we get to Singapore and Malaysia. Then she asked how much we paid for those tickets, I told her the amount and then I think that's when she asked about the delivery of pizza, and then I told her that we can and that I can call my aunt and tell her to deliver there, when they found out that I am a niece of the owner of that restaurant, they were like, they lowered their guard and believed my purpose for going to singapore is to travel and go on vacation not to look for work. I guess, I don't look like a person who has the money to travel out of the country, I look like someone who's going to look for work in Singapore lolz, I wore black pants and black blouse , super business like lolz, next time I will wear casual blouse, shorts and rubber shoes.

The guy stamped my passport, then she gave back the papers to me, I can't remember who handed my passport, if it was her or him. Then she said that the guy was not from our city, that's when I understood why the name didn't ring a bell on his mind. However, it should not matter if I'm a niece or not, I work there and I have the money (sponsored by my aunt and brother) to travel. How do they judge if a person is lying or not??? I have no idea how they are trained, but they should have a better system in checking people.

I hate the Clark Immigration at this time, I don't know when this hate will go away, but I hope he gets transferred somewhere else and I won't ever see him ever again in the immigration section of Clark Airport. The thing that really annoyed me was the fact that my cousins, didn't have a hard time getting their passports stamped and I had to go through all that, really annoying, and I swear, someday, I will go travel everywhere I want and I will tell my stories on this blog. When my passport is fully stamped with all these various places, I would like to slap my passport to his face.

I will never forget that incident and I will tell this to anyone who will listen. Anyways, I'm just glad I was able to go with my cousins on this vacation.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

What is the meaning of TNC?

TNC means TheNet.Com

The Net . Com is an internet shop franchise in our country, Philippines. I'm so glad the owner of this company decided to create a dota team.

TNC Pro Team is a dota 2 professional team. Their current roster composed of

Sam H.

Their team manager is Paulo Sy and I think he is also the admin or maybe one of the admins of their official facebook page and twitter account.

I really hope this roster stay at least for a year. So far, this is the strongest philippine team that I can see right now. If they change their roster, it will really break my heart (coming from a very supportive fan.)

My Thoughts On TNC's Failures
There have been times that they lost their games, of course that's part of playing, you win and you lose. I don't understand some of the comments I see on their fb page, some people told them to disband just for losing a couple of games. I mean, what if Michael Jordan did the same thing. (of course basketball is different from dota, but skipping from one team to another in just a few months, is not a good practice in an e-sport environment, just saying.)

Speaking of Michael, I love this quote from him:

Michael failed over and over again, but most people don't talk about his failures, we remember his game winning points, his success. In dota, it seems that when you lose, it means something wrong with your team or the players, and so they change their roster. As far as I can see, TNC doesn't have a problem with their players, all 5 of them have potentials and they have the skills. I just think, as what Merlini said, they need more heroes to play with, especially tims, I hope if he wants to do it (i think a human being has limitless potential), he can practice 6 heroes and be good at using them, so even if they ban 5 of his heroes, he has one spare lolz. That's one strategy I can think of, easier said than done.

If you watch their games, you can see mostly these are the heroes they pick: sand king, timbersaw or dark seer for sam h, earth spirit, slardar, tuskar or ogre magi for tims, vengeful spirit or crystal maiden or dazzle for ryoyr, outworld devourer, juggernaut or tinker for kuku, slark, juggernaut, weaver or lone druid for raven.

Even if they failed multiple times, if they learn and improve, I think they have the chance of winning TI7 heheheh

My Hope for these 5 Players
I just hope that Sam H., Tims, Kuku, Raven, and Ryoyr, will learn what Kuroky said when he was interviewed during Starseries: (i think he's the captain of Team Liquid, the team that defeated tnc which ended TNC's run at star series.) He is mature in his thinking.

He said that this is what he tells his teammates to keep them in check: "Let's do it. You only have so many chances in life. I want them to understand that you're pros but in a couple of years, you're not. It's done."

TNC has this great opportunity, their current roster is super strong, but I really hope to see more hero pools and great strategies and drafts. I hope that these 5 players will realize, that this is their time as professional dota players, in a couple of years, they may not be pros any more and they would've lost their chances if they didn't give it their best shot.

For me, giving it your best is to keep on improving on your game, to be the master in the game of dota to know more than any other player in the world and of course, to be better than you were yesterday. I love that quote from Lee (Naruto shippuden) to be better than you were yesterday or an hour ago. Just keep on improving until you win all the Majors in a year. That would be awesome!!! :D That, for me, is giving it your best shot.

Day 16

I weighed in earlier than scheduled and I gained pounds lolz, I am now 208 lbs.

I will not look at the weighing scale for two months, but will concentrate more on eating less and exercising more.

I just ordered chia seeds from, I should receive it in a few days. Instead of eating bread for snacks, I will eat chia seeds.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 1

I have started this fitness journey over and over again lolz. Day 1 again, but I hope to continue this for the whole year. 

My current weight is 202 lbs
Next weigh in is on March 8, 2017, 3 weeks from today.

I am doing zumba every monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday.

I am still drinking coke, but I will try to avoid it in the coming days

my recent photo