Sunday, January 8, 2017

How to put money on your wallet

After creating your account at (this is my affiliate link)
you can log in and put money on your account by using Dragonpay through Bayad Center.
(This is for Philippine residents only)

Video below shows exactly how to do it:

After getting the information from Dragonpay, you can now go to a Bayad Center near you and pay the amount and you will see the money reflect on your wallet. When you are at Bayad Center, say it is for "bills payment" for dragonpay and they will give you an orange paper to input your information. 

In my case, when I did this, I received notification that I have the amount in my account within minutes after paying at Bayad Center. The bayad center is a western union branch just 5 minutes away from my house, so very convenient for me. 

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