Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Way to Achieve Goals

In one word: INCREMENT

I know I've read it from several websites on how to achieve goals, you have to start small and make incremental progress, but it seemed , it really didn't sink in to me, until I've read a free pdf by Zack Arnold. I mean the guy doesn't know me, and I don't know him personally, I'm just one of his subscribers, but I just want to write about this because it really did it for me. It opened my eyes to make it really work for me. 

In the pdf, he stated 5 actual steps you can take on how you can stay active at work. I don't have the right to share the pdf so I'm going to refer you to his website.

His free guide entitled "5 quick ways to generate energy and focus on demand" can be downloaded from his website fitnessinpost.com after you sign up for his email list. Actually, I didn't get it from that website, I got the ebook from his other website optimizeyourself.me, but it seemed that that site is closed so I'm pointing you to his active website.

Usually when I create my goals, I over-estimate what I can achieve and I go for goals that are so difficult to achieve with my current situation. For example, I would like to exercise everyday, I want to set up a goal of exercising everyday for 1 hour in the morning after I wake up. That didn't work for me. For now, I do some of his suggestions in the ebook, so that even though I don't exercise in the morning, I still stay active all day. I also have zumba sessions in the afternoon 4 times in a week. 

What I learned from him, I apply also to other aspects of my life such as blogging and finance. I want to post like 50 articles for this blog so I can have a high rank in search engine results, but that is a high goal. At least with this blogging challenge that I'm doing now, I can have 30 blogposts at the end of the challenge and that is a good start. 

So, one way to achieve goals or actually for me, the secret to achieving your goal is to make small changes, not changes so big ,you can't be consistent about it. Once you've achieved that small change, then you can increase it a little bit and continue with your progress. 

I've seen this incremental progress with my typing skills. I got this manual a long time ago, where it taught someone how to type fast. With that manual, it also featured incremental difficulty, first you will have to type one letter, then words, then sentences. 

When I was in college, I didn't really know how to type without looking at the keyboard. I have to look at the letters in the keyboard before I can type words on the computer, but now, it's easy for me. I love typing without looking at the keyboard, it's efficient and time saving. I started out very slow and I had to know where to put my fingers. 

I didn't start out typing words in the computer with speed of 50 words per minute. I started very slowly, one finger, one letter. I can still remember that because at that time , it was really difficult for me. But, I kept at it, I practiced, followed the instructions, done the exercises, played a game for typing and now, I can type 56 words per minute with 100% accuracy, according to typingtest.com

So, with that, I can apply it to my exercise routine and blogging goals and financial goals. I want to have incremental progress in achieving my goals. Make small changes instead of trying to go for big ones which I can't sustain.