Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fragrance Hotel Balestier Review

I like it.

Because it's clean,
it smelled good everytime we enter the hallway of the 3rd floor where our room was.
Bed was comfortable and the toilet was clean.

our bed at Fragrance Hotel Balesteir
This room was for 3 persons. I was the one in the upper deck, I love it.

They have water heater and free wifi. We used Singapore WiFi Router Rental, so we didn't really need their wifi, except when our rented wifi had problems.

We were out for most of the day, we just went to the hotel to sleep, so for me it was a good place to stay in if you are on a budget. The bed and the blanket are super comfortable, the place is quiet. Except for the times we heard a crying baby on another room. But, still, I got a really good sleep after a day of walking.

Fragrance Hotel Balestier is located near the bus stop and there are mini grocery stores like cheers and 7-11 near the hotel too and just a few steps away from a bar if you want to drink beer past 10:30pm.

what's in front of the hotel

what you see across the street

Entrance to the hotel