Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Clark Immigration Experience

I went to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia last week with my cousins.

One of the places we went to was Merlion Park.

I had a great time and I would love to travel again if given the chance. :)

It was the first time that I went out of the country, so I was excited and nervous at the same time and the moment with the immigration happened. I shouldn't have smiled, but I was so excited to go out of the country, that I smiled at the immigration officer. Which in hindsight is a bad move lolz. I hate that guy who didn't stamped my passport immediately and gave me a hard time just because it's my first time to fly out of this country. He even asked me how I became cousins with my 2 cousins, who I'm travelling with, he asked me for a picture while I'm working lolz, he even asked me for a birth certificate!!! I have a passport and he's asking for a birth certificate, he doesn't trust DFA. I didn't show my real temper and just held it in a little because he might not stamped my passport just to spite me.

Good thing, he called on to his superior.

The girl who came and stood beside the guy, asked me lots of questions too, but at least she knows where and what is Didi's pizza (the most iconic restaurant in our area, it's been serving people since 1972 and that guy doesn't know about it, our former president, Pnoy knew it, but he doesnt. neways, of course there are people who don't know that this resto exists, but I rarely meet them here in angeles, pampanga, so I was surprised when that guy didn't recognized the name when I mentioned it.)

She asked the same questions as that guy, the only difference was when she asked where I worked and I told her Didi's pizza, she recognized the name. She kept on looking at the papers that I gave her, the printed tickets for the different places we are going to go to when we get to Singapore and Malaysia. Then she asked how much we paid for those tickets, I told her the amount and then I think that's when she asked about the delivery of pizza, and then I told her that we can and that I can call my aunt and tell her to deliver there, when they found out that I am a niece of the owner of that restaurant, they were like, they lowered their guard and believed my purpose for going to singapore is to travel and go on vacation not to look for work. I guess, I don't look like a person who has the money to travel out of the country, I look like someone who's going to look for work in Singapore lolz, I wore black pants and black blouse , super business like lolz, next time I will wear casual blouse, shorts and rubber shoes.

The guy stamped my passport, then she gave back the papers to me, I can't remember who handed my passport, if it was her or him. Then she said that the guy was not from our city, that's when I understood why the name didn't ring a bell on his mind. However, it should not matter if I'm a niece or not, I work there and I have the money (sponsored by my aunt and brother) to travel. How do they judge if a person is lying or not??? I have no idea how they are trained, but they should have a better system in checking people.

I hate the Clark Immigration at this time, I don't know when this hate will go away, but I hope he gets transferred somewhere else and I won't ever see him ever again in the immigration section of Clark Airport. The thing that really annoyed me was the fact that my cousins, didn't have a hard time getting their passports stamped and I had to go through all that, really annoying, and I swear, someday, I will go travel everywhere I want and I will tell my stories on this blog. When my passport is fully stamped with all these various places, I would like to slap my passport to his face.

I will never forget that incident and I will tell this to anyone who will listen. Anyways, I'm just glad I was able to go with my cousins on this vacation.