Saturday, March 25, 2017

Singapore WiFi Router Rental Review

I Love It! :D

It was already set up when we got it and so we only need to know the password for the wifi connection and we're good to go. We had unlimited connection and it was very fast. I think it was 200 or 500 mbps, I forgot, but it was really fast.  We used it for 6 days. I don't really know how much it was, since my brother was the one who paid for it. You can visit their site here for more info.

The 3 of us, my cousins and I, were able to use google maps and fb messenger while on the go which is very important since we were meeting up with people and we were trying to locate the places we want to go to.

I love having internet connection wherever I go. Being in Singapore for the first time and seeing the sights, I was excited to go on facebook live lolz. So, I was really glad when my brother (who's currently working in SG) got us this pocket wifi that we can take anywhere and be connected online.

Although, we had a problem for one day, not sure what happened, but we lost connection to the wifi and we needed to set up another profile on their log in website to resolve it. I'm just glad that even though we didn't have direct connection with their customer service (my brother relayed info from them to us), we were still able to fix the problem and we were able to connect again to the wifi.

I prefer the wifi connection of this router since the hotel wifi is slow.