Sunday, March 26, 2017

Xcape Singapore Experience

I Love it!!! :D

We paid S$28 each, there were 3 of us. The only available room at that time was the Whisper of the Dead room. It was the first time that we tried to do an escape room game and we had so much fun even though the room has 4-star difficulty out of 5 lolz.

How did we find it?

By coincidence :)

I was hoping that we could do this while in Singapore, but I really didn't expect that we could because our itinerary was already full for each day that we were there. However, on the day that we were scheduled for Bugis Street, we passed by a poster of Xcape and it so happened that they are just located at the 3rd floor of that building. Deep inside I really wanted to do it, but I didn't expect my cousins would want to lolz, I was surprised when they decided to do it right there and then.

I'm going to tell things that we've done and the clues we solved.

We were laughing most of the time because we didn't have any idea how to solve the clues and the time pressure was real lolz. I was excited to use the blue flashlight I saw only in CSI tv series, I think it's called Forensic light or something. We were able to solve the first clue and found the numbers on the globe there with the use of the blue light. I was so happy to see those numbers , so exhillarating to solve a problem and seeing results lolz love it. I seem to be addicted to solving clues. I want to do all the rooms that they have :D

However, we only found 2 numbers and we needed four. It was already how many minutes that we spent on that first room, but we were still unable to open the lock and so the girl in charge entered our room and helped us out lolz. She would be doing this for several times in the whole hour that we were locked up lolz. We failed in getting out before time ran out, but it was really fun and I want to do it again. I learned that I should be observant of all the things that are inside the room and use logic to solve the problem.

Me (center) and my cousins after the game
For more info on these amazing escape rooms, check out their website at Xcape