Saturday, April 22, 2017

4th Period Mystery

A south-korean movie starring yoo seung-ho and kang so-ra. It was released in 2009 internationally as what wikipedia stated. This is an old movie, but I still like this movie because it has a love story, a mystery and the movie itself is not boring.

I love the "kilig" moments of the two of them. If you don't know what kilig is, look it up in wikipedia. I know that the story revolves around the mystery needs to be solved, but I'm barely looking at the murder mystery, I'm just enjoying the time on-screen that they are together lolz. At this time, these two are in my list of favorite on-screen couple. They just look so good together and I love their characters. The girl lead character is a voracious reader and the guy is number in the nation, it means they're both intelligent.

The plot is simple and it is a simple movie, but I still like it, I'm glad I stumbled upon this movie, I have no idea who the actors are but since I saw them, I think I'm going to look for more of their movies. I hope they reunite in another movie or drama series.

*Spoiler Alert*
What I don't like is the part in the movie that Jung hoon (male protagonist) picked up the murder weapon lolz. That is so dumb, I've no idea why the writers made that situation. No one in their right mind will pick up the weapon in a murder scene.

Aside from that, I think people who love love stories and murder mysteries like I do, will enjoy this movie.