Friday, April 7, 2017

Legion - TV Series

My New Favorite Show :D

From here on out, I mention things that I've read from wikipedia and other sources and it may reveal information that is not yet revealed in the series. 

Reasons I like Legion:
  • it has a love story
  • funny, suspense, mystery and action
  • it's about the powers of his mind

  • he was thought to be schizophrenic, but it turns out he has special powers
  • he (the actor) is cute 
  • every episode is fast-paced, I don't get bored
I've read wikipedia and found out that Legion or David, is the son of Charles Xavier, wow!!!! :D I haven't really followed the stories of all the characters in X-Men and I'm not into the comics. I just love some of the movies in the franchise. Although, I remember watching x-men cartoons when I was young, then my brother had these x-men cards and I would write fictional love stories between Gambit and Psyche, my favorites when I read their superpowers in the cards. 

I didn't know about Legion at that time, but the episodes of the tv series mentioned that he is the most powerful mutant and that he is the key in winning the war, so that got me really interested. Then I read this marvel's info about him, it saddens me that he died coz of the problem he created but I will still watch the series. I don't know how Noah Hawley (writer) is going to pursue the story but I hope that it's going to be a good ending. I don't like what was written in the marvel website that he was stabilized but he got that mind of a 10-year old boy. I hope the writers can write a better story for Legion, not the defeated story kind, but the overcoming-all-odds-and-becoming-triumphant kind

I think it's really cool to have a fictitious character like this and the way it was made into a series. The way it was written, directed and the way it was presented, I love everything about the series. I rarely watch television nowadays because I don't like to be restricted to the time the tv people set for me to watch something, I don't like it when I'm not in control lolz. I love the internet since I can make my schedule my way, watch things I want to watch at the time I want to watch it. However, I made an exception with this series. I make it a point to open the television at the time it is shown on our cable channel. I live in the Philippines and the cable channel that shows this tv series is fox channel 88 every 9am Friday (replay). I  only catch the replay since I don't want to interrupt my mom watching her tv at 8pm every Thursday (that is when they originally play Legion).

I watch it on tv coz I want to add to the rating, and show the producers of this show and the cable channel owners that I love this show. Aside from Game of Thrones, this is one of the shows that I can't wait to watch every week. And when the first season is done, I'm going to wait until they have it available to be downloaded online, if ever they thought of doing that. I mean, it's 2017, they should know that DVDs are outdated. Anyways, that's a topic for another post.

One of the things that attracted me most in the series when I saw the commercial of it on tv was that the guy named David, the main character, has a problem with his mind. He was thought of to be schizophrenic, but it turned out he has special powers and that he is a mutant. I had nervous breakdowns and I can relate to how a person is treated after being seen as someone who had lost his/her mind (even if it was temporarily).

I had nervous breakdowns years ago and I'm still on maintenance medication. I don't have my life in order yet and I have ambitions. I love Legion but I don't believe that we, human beings, are mutants. I just love to watch these kinds of fictitious stories. Living in a fantasy where you are powerful is amazing. That's why I also love role-playing games and other games you see on steam. I also like to see inspiring stories, so I really hope that they will have a good ending for this Legion series. Even though I had those breakdowns, I will not let that stop me in going for my earthly and heavenly goals. :D Those goals I will blog about at another time.

Legion tv series in wikipedia

You can click the official website of Legion at that wiki page, if it's available in your country, then you can access the page. 

I would have put the official webpage of Legion here but I can't even access it. It's 2017 and the world is very much connected, there are live videos being shown in facebook and twitter where people all over the world can see it at the same time and then this FX website tells me "content you are trying to access is not available in your region" lolz, I can just laugh since I don't know how the tv shows will survive with this kind of limited thinking from some of the people behind it.