Saturday, April 29, 2017

TNC eliminated at Kiev 2017

I can't move on 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

TNC was eliminated by Faceless at Kiev Major 2017. The score was 2-1. TNC lost and my heart really broke that day. I mean I know I'm being overly dramatic, but that's really how I feel, even now, to think that they almost got it.... but didn't.... sigh....

And I'm not even the one who played my heart out there and gave it my all. I just watched my favorite team do it.

This is what Kuku tweeted about their loss

I feel sad just thinking about it, but I also realized something that I've heard Bo Sanchez (catholic preacher) say, to Fail tiny, Fail many, Fail quickly. Failure makes you stronger and gives you insights when you reflect on it.

When I felt that hurt yesterday, what I'm thinking is if it hurt to just watch your favorite team be eliminated from a major tournament, what more if I fail on something that I really wanted, it would hurt more.... so what I want to do now is to try to fail again and again on tiny things to make myself immune to hurt, and then go for big dreams too, so even if I fail again, I will no longer be so emotional and affected by it.

I just want to watch the game 2 of their fight with Faceless. This is the video with tagalog casting. It was the first time that I saw Kuku use windranger and they won. They lost game 3 but at least it was not 2-0, they at least won one game against their archenemy.


You can see the detailed results here of ICEICEICE teams on various tournaments. I hate him hahahahaha as a fan of TNC, but on the other hand I also admire him coz he experienced a fair share of failures too before he achieved so much this year 2017.

I admire him, but I still want to see his team be pulverized by my favorite team TNC lolz.

He has been playing professional DOTA since 2011. Of course, it's not a one-man show, his team faceless has chemistry and skills that propelled them to be 1st on various tournaments, but I think his experience in Dota contributed a lot to his decision makings while playing dota in pressured games and of course contributed to his team's success.


I don't really know the feeling of giving it your all, give your whole heart on something and then fail to achieve what you wanted. I don't know how that feel because I don't remember an instance that I ever did that. I always played it safe and I have tried things because I know I will succeed at them.

That is why I admire TNC for striving to achieve what they want, to get to their dream of being a champion in Dota Majors and The International.

Even with this blogging, I don't really take risks. I write blogposts and then I don't share them on my facebook account lolz, only those I think that people may like, those are the things I share. But, from now on, I will give this blog my whole heart and publish my honest thoughts and share them in my facebook account.

Fail tiny, Fail many, Fail quickly.