Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 83

How many weeks had passed since the last time I posted on this fitness journey. I don't want to start over again, but I completely lost track of my fitness activities lolz. I just computed how many days after my day 1 in February 15, so that gives me Day 83 by now, May 8, 2017. I have not really been serious on doing effort everyday towards improving my fitness routine.

I'm now 205 lbs. I didn't really change the way I eat, but I did make small changes, I am now drinking warm water. I'd like to do it everyday, but I seem not able to at the moment, but I will definitely be able to do it in the future. I am pumped up and I learned that I should use positive words because words become our reality, so instead of focusing too much on the negative things, I will promise myself to improve and use words that will make it possible.

Tomorrow would be a good time to start again my walking exercise every morning. I have to sleep at 9pm to be able to wake up at 5am and do my morning exercise. It's 7pm now, so that gives me 2 hours more to write my blogposts, browse facebook and play wartune. It will really be a big sacrifice for me to choose not to play wartune lolz.

My zumba sessions with my aunt and cousins are still ongoing. 4 days in a week, 1 hour per day we have a session.

This is a photo of me at my niece's 18th birthday a few days ago.