Saturday, June 24, 2017

Be All In - Chris Stefanick

Love this fb live video

It's one of the videos of Chris Stefanick and he said:
"Gotta be all in with everything or why bother."
"Focus on what you're doing, be all in with everything you're doing because God is the God of the present moment. He gives the grace to do what he's called you to do in this moment, right now. He's not the God of the next thing you're gonna do. If you're dwelling forever in the next thing you're gonna do, and only give it half your heart to what you're doing right now, you'll only live half a life. Don't let life pass you by that way, be all in.

If you're gonna work out, work out till you look barely human. If you're gonna pray, pray and focus on nothing but that prayer. If you're gonna be with your kids, do not check your email and if you're gonna work, go on and shut the door and get that job done until you're done, it's ok."


I'm publishing it here as a reminder for me: Be in the Present Moment.

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