Thursday, June 29, 2017

Build Customer TRUST

These two tips I got from Marie Forleo


         - Say things that you really believe in. Don't pretend.


         - Marie said to say for example, "if you follow me, this is what you'll get..."

She also said:

          Build your business on truth and trust will build itself.


So those are the two things I'm going to do.
I'm gonna be true to me, maybe I have to check myself a couple of times, to really see if I'm being real or being an impostor thinking of doing things just to please my imaginary readers lolz.

I think my biggest challenge will be my Catholic views, but I'm going to defend my beliefs. I don't know everything about my faith, but I'm going to grow as well with this blog as I do more research and provide more information on my faith.

I have to accept that some people will like me for who I am or they will hate me. It's ok.

I don't have any haters yet, so I know I haven't made it yet, I'm not yet popular lolz.

The second one is to set expectations. I will edit my about page when I have determined this for my blog and my twitter live videos.

I love talking about my interests and I am interested in a lot of things. I don't know how to filter them and make them into just one niche. Hhhhhmmmnnnnnn so I guess the expectation would be, there will be various topics that I will talk about every week and it is not only about one topic.

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