Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dealing with Rejection

Gary Vee's Video

I love writing the transcript for videos that really resonate with me and so here is one from Gary Vaynerchuk, my favorite guy at the moment. 

Dealing with Rejection

"Everything I've ever done in my life has started off with I'm an idiot and I'm a loser and ended with I'm a genius and I'm a winner.  And the only way you can actually do that is that you don't actually give a fuck about what anybody else is saying. Like that's what it comes down to. You either the kind of person that crumbles in other people's opinions about what you're up to. Or you're the kind of person that stays in your own head in a fucking field with cows or just in your own head in your bed and realized 'I got this'"  
- Gary Vaynerchuk

I think I'm the kind of person that crumbles in other people's opinions. Although sometimes I think to myself, I don't care about what others think of me, but most of the time, I do. I do care about what others think of what I'm doing. I mean maybe that's why I'm not actively promoting my blog on facebook, nor do as many live videos in twitter than in facebook. I'm afraid of knowing what my friends will think of me when they see me say stuff online or on live videos. 

It's easier for me to talk in front of the camera when I know that nobody I know in real life will watch it lolz. Maybe when I have many followers I will let them know in fb what I'm doing in twitter. I don't want to hear any negative comments from my relatives or friends. I can take negativity from complete strangers but with relatives/friends, kinda hard to deal with that so I try to avoid it. Plus I'm not even sure if they're interested in the things I'm interested in. And I'm thinking about what Jesus said in Luke 4:24 "Then He added, 'Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.'"

I'm guessing, people who know me personally will have a difficult time accepting that I have any meaningful thing to say unless other people have validated my ideas. Well, maybe I will change my mind in a few days or weeks and will share my videos on facebook, but for now, I want to be here in twitter. I'm not busy with anything anyways, I can totally focus on improving myself and my blog. And I'm going to think like that other person that Gary described, I'm going to stay in my own head and realize: I got this. :)


Another feeling that keeps creeping up on me is about my age. I mean I'm already 35 yrs old, will be 36, this November 2017, and it's only now that I'm taking steps towards what I want and I'm not even clear about what I want. Of course there are lots of goals in my head, but it seems I don't believe I would really get them so I'm not taking any actions that would move me forward towards achieving those goals. I'm slowly getting organized and prioritizing what's really important to me. 

I love this other quote from Gary:

He mentioned the age of Mr. Walton was 44, I mean he is older than me when he started to do something that would later on become one of the largest companies in USA. So for me, it means, it's never too late to start on something that you really love to do. I love writing and this blogging platform gives me that opportunity to be able to do what I love. I mean at my age, where all my batchmates in school have their own families (except for me and my bestfriend), where they are busy with their own children, here I am with nothing to think about but my blog lolz. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my life, even though it's not perfect and there are many things I can't buy yet. I am still blessed and the pastor in our bible study told me, I am a blessing. That is so good to hear. I mean, getting approval from someone is kinda gratifying. I would love to be a blessing to others and so I'm going to get over my fears and write what I want and do live videos and share my thoughts which I don't know, maybe someday my words will help others too. 

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