Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ecclesiastes 9:10

The last part of the message of Bo Sanchez was:

"I repeat what the Bible said: Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might

Let me ask you: What are the small things that you need to do today? If you do them with great love, small is big. Stop looking at what other people are doing. Your God assignment is different from their God assignment.

Do whatever is in front of you.
Do the small things."

My Thoughts on That

Most of the time, I find myself comparing myself to others and that is not a good habit. I guess I really really really really have lots of insecurities lolz. My assignment, the dreams in my heart are different from other people. I think I'm one of the weird ones in this world. I love a lot of things and sometimes they are kinda childish. I mean I get motivational quotes from animes like in Naruto. One of my dreams is to learn Japanese so I can watch that anime without subtitles lolz. But, one of my big dreams is to create a kinda like amazing race type of treasure hunt in libraries all over our country so that kids will learn to love reading again and not just watch every teleserye there is. I love watching videos, using gadgets and all the technological advances, but I also love reading. No substitute to reading really.

Anyways, what are the things in front of me? This blog and my day job. Of course, I don't want to work for someone all my life. I want to have my own business before I turn 40. I also want to have at least 100 email subscribers before the end of the year for this blog. I gotta do the small things. Publish useful blogposts and do my responsibilities at work. My work is the easiest job in the world, that's why I think it's a blessing because I can devote some of my time in my blog after I'm finished with my work.

Ok, so that's what I'm going to implement, do my best, do things with all my might, whatever is in front of me right now.

Thank you Bro. Bo Sanchez for that message today.

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