Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

I saw this news from one of the tweets on my twitter feed.

The two links I'm going to use for reference on my thoughts here are the ff: news article  -  one of the articles addressing these kinds of scandals

I made a video last week and one of the viewers chatted with me there and he said that the pope is a pedophile. I didn't answer his concern there coz I didn't feel like giving him an explanation about the scandals. Maybe I should've been more charitable. I need to work on my love for neighbor.

I think this is what most of the people see of the Catholic Church, that the clergy is a group of pedophiles.

The article above stated:
"child sexual abuse by a priest is especially heinous not only because it is an evil in itself, but because it is also a violation of a sacred trust. . . . We recognize that these children and their families have been hurt and betrayed by abusive behavior on the part of a priest. They deserve an apology, which we unreservedly offer."

The article was talking about another scandal, the one that happened in Ireland. The abc article happened in Australia, different priests, but same issue. Sexual Abuse.

The Catholic Church does not condone these kinds of evil acts. It is evil. In my opinion, the priests who were charged with these crimes can be proven guilty or not guilty by the court, but God knows what really happened. They will answer to the one true God who knows everything we do.

I feel sad that the free will given to each of us was used to abuse another person, to do evil. If the priests really did those abuses, then they should be punished, but I think they also need prayer because they did something that would lead them away from God forever. Hell for eternity. The victims also need prayers and healing. I will include all of them in my prayers.

"On more than one occasion our Lord himself predicted that scandals would arise, causing harm within the family of God. Rather than promising to rush down from heaven every time a scandal looms, he assured us he will take care of everything on the Last Day, warning that it would be better for those who lead others astray to be thrown into the sea with millstones hung around their necks (Matt. 18:6-7, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:1-2). "  (from the above-mentioned article.)

Rejection of Jesus' Church

Most people who hear about these scandals make it as their reason to not join the Catholic Church, the church that Jesus established. How can they join a church that have priests that abuse children? If one priest did it, are all priests like that? That's illogical right?
Some priests did it, some doesn't mean all. I don't mean to belittle what they did, it is still evil, but do their actions erase the fact that Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life?
Does it remove the truth that Jesus established the Catholic Church and made Peter the first pope?

The Church is a hospital for sinners. All people in it are not perfect, although we are striving to be holy everyday, to follow Jesus. I don't see the logic of rejecting the Church of God because you saw a minister in it commit sin. I go to Church for God, I don't worship the priests and think they should be perfect, I worship God and pray for all the people in His Church. Well, I also include the whole world in my prayers.

Hhhhhmmmmnnnn, now that I thought about it, I think I didn't answer that person in chat because I really couldn't express myself articulately when speaking in english. I express my thoughts better in writing than talking. I will practice more and maybe I will make it one of my goals to be an official apologist of the Catholic Church.

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