Monday, July 24, 2017

3 things I learned from that Lyft article

So, I've read this article on, the link to the original article I saw from a retweet of Gabriel D. Vine, one of the people I follow on twitter. The article was entitled: Lyrft drivers have a profound understanding of opportunity cost.

Here are the 3 quotes I love and learned from that article:
And that cost is what you have given up in order to do what you are doing. Everything, then, becomes a tradeoff.
That quote from the article explains the opportunity cost. I love it , it opened my eyes to the trade offs I'm doing everyday. My actions has a cost, my valuable time, and I now ask myself if this action that I'm taking now, is it worth my time? Does it help me achieve the goal I want? I don't schedule my day, and I am not that organized, but now, I am getting better at organizing things, taking actions towards what I want and scheduling my day. 

 your time is expensive so you had better use it the way you best know how.
I know that I'm not getting any younger and I need to hustle if I really want to achieve my goals and have my own business by the time I'm 40. I mean really, I'm 35 and I still love playing games online, I love playing Wartune, an online mmorpg. I love playing Baldur's gate and I don't think I can afford to spend anytime for these games not if I want to be a successful entrepreneur in a few years. However, I still can't let it out of my life. I plan on making it my reward system instead. Or maybe I can monetize this hobby? I don't know how that could happen, but we'll never know, something might pop up someday, I am not closing my doors to any opportunity. But for now, I'm going to focus on something that has been proven already, having an audience makes you money. So, that's what I'm focusing on at the moment, to have an audience for this personal blog.

Everything has a cost. Every action has a cost. Every choice has a cost. Nothing in this world is free. Every choice you make is forgoing some other choice you have declined. 
This just I guess was the one article that really woke me up from my slumbering life of being comfortable with my work and sideline in blogging. As I mentioned above I don't plan out my day, I don't put out a schedule of my activities, but now, I will be doing so, since I want to really put every minute as a productive time. I want to be productive all the time but I also want to have fun. So, as what Bo Sanchez said in one of his talks : Follow your Fun. Where you have fun is where your heart is, where your passion is, and where your effort is. I am having fun with my online game wartune, but I'm not making any money from it. So the other fun thing for me is writing and i think that's where I can make some money, if not, I still have another option of selling products that I really love and that would be fun for me because I love talking about things or products I love. I guess I will be trying a couple of things in the next few months.

Time is very very valuable, I cannot take it back. Time always move forward. So, writing this article is more important to me than my time because I will need a reminder from time to time and this article is a great reminder of what I decided to do.

I love games, movies, books, etc. I also love writing. I don't consider watching a movie I've never seen before a waste of time because I know I can learn something from it. Learning for me is more important. Or maybe just for entertainment purposes lolz. I seldom watch tv but I spend lots of time online and of course I get distracted. This is going to put things in perspective.

Decision in how you spend your time depends on what's important to you.

I will now forever be asking, "is this the best use of my time right now?"

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