Monday, July 3, 2017

Dubia and the 4 Cardinals

Dubia is the letter that the four cardinals have sent to Pope Francis asking him to answer 5 questions to remove the confusion caused by his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia.

This is the full text of the Dubia and there is a link there too showing who the four cardinals are. The one I heard most of is Cardinal Burke. I admire Cardinal Burke for standing up for what is right, when most of the ministers or bishops or cardinals just keep on saying yes to the pope even when he is wrong.

Honestly, I haven't read the exhortation yet, it's 264 pages long, when I searched for it in the vatican website. I couldn't make myself read it lolz. So, I'm just relying on the words of the cardinals and other people who have read and understood Amoris Laetitia. They said that this document is not clear on whether the Pope is now allowing communion for remarried (w/o annulment) or divorced Catholics. 

I know that some people may find things in the Catholic Church so restrictive and so many rules to follow, but maybe they should research first why the church is teaching these things. It's for our souls, for our salvations. The deposit of the faith have been passed down from Jesus' time to our generation now, and to the next generations in the coming years.

Every generation there are always trials and the devil doesn't get tired of trying to destroy the church that Jesus established. However, I know that the Catholic Church will still be here even at the end of time, as described by the book of Revelations. And as per the words of Jesus Himself in Matthew 16:18 "And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it" So, no one can ever destroy the Catholic Church.

Anyways, I don't hate the Pope, it's just that, I find it a little disappointing that he would talk to other people in a different religion, but he would not even meet with the four cardinals that just want clarification.

As per Raymond Arroyo in this episode of world over in ewtn, he mentioned the irony in the Pope's actions in this video. It's been months since the cardinals have sent the letter to the Pope and they even seek an audience with him, but he will not entertain them. I think my respect for the current Vicar of Christ has gone down a little bit, until he answer the four cardinals and maintain the teachings of the Church on marriage.

When Pope Francis came to the Philippines in 2015, I love his homilies. I could feel his sincerity through his words. Although, now with the dubia and him not speaking to the four cardinals, it made me think that Pope Francis is not really representing Jesus that much in this world. I mean, is that what Jesus would have done, when someone asked a question, Jesus answered. The four cardinals asked the Pope these questions in the Dubia and it's just and yes and no answer and still he will not answer them. 

I have no idea what's going on with the mind of the Pope, but I think with amoris laetitia, he is creating a division among Catholics and even among the priests/bishops themselves. That's why I don't follow him in twitter.... I can't really get myself to follow someone who seems not that in tune with Jesus' teachings on marriage or any other teachings of Jesus. Although I put him in my twitter list for Catholics.

I am on the side of the four cardinals, I think I've read somewhere online that, on our day, maybe we don't physically die as martyrs, but we still die for our faith by standing up to it.  When most people are going the wrong direction because of a leader that teach something different from what Jesus taught. You are a martyr, when telling even the pope that he is wrong when he is, even if you are the only one left to defend the true teachings of Jesus.

That's what the four cardinals are doing, they are standing up for what is right, even if they are going against the Pope himself. He is the vicar of Christ, but I feel like he needs our prayers for real, I mean, the devil can attack and use anyone even people in the vatican. Of course, God knows what's going on. I don't know how prayer works but as God said in the Bible, Ask and it will be given. I'm going to ask for the Pope's mind to be in tune with Jesus' teachings and not lead many souls astray by doing reforms on the Church that go against God's teachings.

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