Monday, July 3, 2017

Elizabeth Gilbert on Sh*t Sandwich

Shit Sandwich is the term that stuck with me while I was watching this video of Elizabeth Gilbert.

Just like her, I love writing!! And to have someone have a term for the bad things (shit sandwich) that will happen to me on my journey towards writing success made it easier for me to deal with it.

I have to admit here that I've never read any of her books and I've no idea who she is, but because of this video, I'm going to buy her books.

This is the video where she explained what Shit Sandwich is:
Skip to 13:40

Or you can read this transcript: (I really love this talk that I want to read it over and over again.) This was an interview by Marie Forleo (I also recently just discovered her, my bestfriend recommended this video)

Start of Transcript:

"I wish it were my idea, it's not my idea, I borrowed it, but I'll lay it out here anyway. The idea is that every pursuit, no matter how glamorous it may seem, no matter how exciting you are, it feels to you, no matter how much you feel like you were born to do it, comes with a shit sandwich. And so the question is not what do I love? the question is what do i love so much that I don't mind eating the shit sandwich that comes along with that thing.

So for me, in my life, writing is the thing that I love and the shit sandwich was the 7 years that I was not getting publish. That I was coming home from my job as a diner waitress, as a bartender, as an au pair, as a, somebody who worked in flea markets as a cook and i was coming home tired smelling like other people's french fries. And sitting down and doing my real job which was to write, and then to go the mailbox the next day and get another rejection letter. And then say do I still wanna do this 'cause this shit sandwich sucks.

And I did still wanna do it. And now even as somebody who makes their living as a writer there's no end to the shit sandwiches. It's like, oh, Hello horrible review in prominent newspaper. That's your shit sandwich today Liz. Do you still wanna do this work? Yes i still do, still worth it.

Hello awful comment on social media from somebody who thinks you are a pile of dog shit, you know and just has, like , chosen every possible way that they can just, cannot get it out of their system fast enough, how much disregard they have for your entire life. Still wanna do this thing? Yeah, I still wanna do it.

You know, so that's the question. Because if the first time you encounter the shit sandwich, you're like, "well, this... this isn't worth it." Then that's not the thing you're supposed to be doing. And there are plenty of things in life, that I have run into the shit sandwich and I've been like "so not worth it." So not worth it, like this is not... I don't wanna do this. Like whatever the ben ... alleged benefits of this thing might be, no.

.... i don't want to transcribe this part, but she said something about soul cycle exercise...

So, if you go into this thing thinking "If I follow my bliss, and I live my dream, and I stand in my truth, then everything will be great."  It doesn't mean everything will be great. It just means at the end of the day when you check in with yourself, and you go " In the end, on the balance, is this still better than not doing it? And the answer is still yeah, this thing is still better than not doing it, then you're on the right path.

End of Transcript


So, for me, I haven't encountered my shit sandwich yet, I'm too afraid to even get my blogposts out there. I don't think I'm writing quality and useful blogposts at this time, but maybe when I have finished the Mastering Content Marketing ebook, I will be able to publish posts that I can confidently promote on social media.

For now, what I'm enjoying doing is making live videos on twitter lolz. Although it's not quality content too, but I'm just enjoying this, I love talking in front of the camera and I know when more people watch it, there will come a shit sandwich someday, for now, I'm going to do what feels fun for me.

I'm just going to publish this, so when I need to go back to it, I can always find this one online. So, when I encounter a shit sandwich, I will be able to read this again and ask myself, is it worth it?

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