Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to Remove the flash settings pop up in Koramgame

After you clear the cache or browsing data, koramgame players know that you will not be able to play the game again unless you get rid of the pop up that shows up in the middle of the screen.

Here's a video I made to remove the pop up and be able to play the game again.
I'm sorry the video is not that clear, but you can see it clearer if you use full screen.
Also, sorry for the gameshow watermark, i'm just using their free software lol.

The website I searched for to change the flash settings: Global flash settings
Click on the first site on the search results, it's the adobe flash page

Other Koramgame Issue:
Since there are a lot of problems with playing in koramgame, I'm going to use my second wartune account more often which I created on proficient city server. Although I have to endure using the koramgame one (ladyraistlin) until I have 5million battle rating in my 2nd acct, Ann35. Currently I only have 1million br there lol. I love my ladyraistlin account, but it's just so inconvenient to play on koram.

I just read this article about Koramgame not releasing players' characters, so we can't be transferred to proficient city and log in from there... I think Koramgame owner, doesn't have any plans on releasing our characters, so I'm going to leave koram and my precious ladyraistlin account (w/c I have been using for I think 4 yrs already) in a few months if I can make my 5 million br in ann35.

I'm just a semi-free player (I just recharged 3 or 4 times in ladyraistlin) so it's an easy decision for me. I don't know about the strong players in our server. The one who wrote to dolygames in that article was actually my guildmate and the strongest player in our current server. I haven't talked to him yet, since I'm online when most of them are asleep lol.

Anyways, that's my plan for my wartune account, I can only play for 1 or 2 hours per day, but I hope I'll be able to get to 5million soon.

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