Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kita Kita Movie Review


I like this movie

because the whole film was not boring, I really enjoyed watching it.  Although it has a sad ending, I still like it. I prefer movies that have happy endings. I cried from laughing so much at Tonyo's words. Tonyo was Empoy's character and Lea was Alessandra de Rossi.

I love how they portrayed their characters there, so natural. I love how the dialogues went, they weren't corny. I think this is the first time that I ever like a romantic comedy film made by Filipinos. One of the reasons I don't watch that many Filipino-made films is because the dialogues are so corny, I cringe watching them act the script out.

I do like some movies like Dapitan, films by Vilma Santos, and films directed by Erik Matti. But, when it comes to love stories, I don't watch them unless I know the director is good. If you're like me, then you would definitely appreciate this movie. It's not corny nor boring.

At the end of the movie, they showed who the producers were and they were Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal. Now, I know why the movie was great. The people behind this film are good at making movies. I don't know who the director was, but she was great. I found out from this wiki it was Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. I'm going to watch any film that she makes from now on.

I wasn't able to take a picture of it, but the whole cinema was packed. Even the very first row of seats near the screen was full. There were people who weren't able to sit in the chairs, so they just sat on the stairs (we were on the balcony of the cinema).

Word of mouth advertisement really work, especially in this social media age. I heard from my cousin that the movie was great and that I should watch it. That didn't convince me, but when I saw a tweet from one of my favorite dota players mentioning the movie, I was curious, maybe it is good.

I actually didn't plan on watching this film. My mom and I wanted to watch Atomic Blonde, but the lady in the counter said that the last showing of the film was yesterday, I was devastated, but I don't want to go home without watching anything. From the current films their showing, I chose Kita kita and I'm glad I did.

By the way, I just want to say, I expected Tonyo to be run over by a car on that scene with the teddy bear lolz. I mean it's obvious, but still the whole movie is great. I especially love the parts where I think Empoy was doing adlibs lolz.

Here are some of the lines of Tonyo:

Syempre ang pinaka memorable na thing sa movie is yung Puso at Saging 💗😍😍😍
At ang kantang two less lonely people in the world. Sina Tonyo at Lea na ang maalala ko pag kakantahin ko yun sa videoke lolz.

To check if the film is still showing in your area, go to clickthecity.

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