Friday, July 21, 2017

My Reflections on Chester Bennington's Death

I still can't believe this news, I didn't know that Chester is troubled deep inside. I don't know and I will never understand the mentality of people who take their own lives, but I think it's like they think there is no other way. I wish that this has not happened, but it did.

Now, I will never hear his voice live again, but he is immortalized by their art. The songs and videos they created will forever be there. The one I like most in Linkin Park is Mike Shinoda, but I also like the vocals of Chester Bennington, he is really talented. So, I was saddened by this news that he took his own life :(

I remember, the first ever concert I went to was Linkin Park's Meteora World Tour concert here in the Philippines back in June 15, 2004. I was in my 20's, already working, so I had my own money to buy the tickets. None of my friends, brother, cousins, were available at that time to go with me to the concert. So, the only one available was my mom lolz, who didn't even know their songs or interested in their music. My mom is super cool. Of course, people laughed when I tell them this because I went with my mom lolz. But, this seems to be one of the things that make you strong, that you know you can lean on someone when you need them. I can always lean on my mom, but of course she is not perfect.

There was a time that I didn't wanna talk to her because of something that happened. But that was over and I am in good terms with her again. She is my rock, along with God. My mom is not perfect and I have already accepted that she can make mistakes, she is also human. God is the only one who is perfect and will never disappoint, always faithful.

I used to think that God is just someone that people created because they needed someone to lean on, that He is not real, that Jesus is not God. Now, I know better because I have found the proof that I needed to believe. I wish that everyone in this world will find the proof they need to believe in God. I wish that people will know that we are sons and daughters of God and He is always there for us. We can always run to Him when we need someone to listen to us, to tell our problems too, to lean on when we think there are no solutions. He is our Father.

Most of the songs of Linkin Park were dark of course, they are in rock genre. I guess that's why I kinda drifted away from them a few years ago. I like most of their songs, especially the old ones. I think now, I'm going to listen to their new songs, but I prefer more positive songs at this time, I'm gonna go through their songs and find those, if there are any. I still love Linkin Park, but I am going to pray for them, I hope no one else will commit suicide. I hope that they will not be so overwhelmed with negativity and that they will see that someone cares for them.

This song was sang by Chester and now it's dedicated to him. I don't think that he felt someone cares if his light goes out or he wouldn't have made that choice...

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