Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2 Kings 6:16

One of my favorite verse in the Bible at this time:
He said, "Fear not, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them." 
That's a verse I got from one of our Bible studies. The person speaking there was the prophet Elisha. He showed his servant that they were not alone and that the mountain they are standing on was full of horses and chariots of fire. This may mean that there were lots of angels with them at that moment.

That verse can be applied to my current situation too. There are people who don't believe that the devils really exist and they can influence the decisions of human beings. But, I don't fear the evil spirits because I know that the angels and the saints outnumber them. I just have to ask them for their prayers and help.

There may be a lot of people attacking the Catholic Church, there are many sufferings in this world, there are a lot of bad things happening and just a lot of negativity all around... but I don't fear any of that because I know that God is on top and that there are gazillions of angels and saints helping us alongside God.

One of the things that I often forget to do is to pray. Now, I'm trying to pray every 6pm, so after Angelus, I will pray other prayers. I ask for prayers from the following:
  • Mama Mary
  • Angels
  • Saints
  • Souls in Purgatory (I pray for them in return)
I have no idea how prayer works, I just believe it does. Plus I feel more at peace after praying about all my worries and fears.

I have fears about the things happening in our country, where people are killed by the police themselves. They kill drug users who they said fought back, I doubt it. They killed people inside the mayor's home and the CCTVs' wires were cut off. It just looked so much like the police were hired to professionally kill those 15 people. They said that it was a shoot out, but no one in the police side got hurt. It was clearly a rub out.

I don't like our current president and his actions just reflect his attitude of no respect for anyone. Every living soul is important and should not be discarded just because they are drug users. Actually I used to like Duterte because he seemed sincere in helping the poor, but when he let one of the big drug lords get away, and when he tries to shut the mouth of the opposition by using whatever he can to jail De Lima (and who knows who else is next), I lost respect for him.

Anyways, I know that God will not abandon our country. I will pray and wait for God's perfect timing and if ever there is an opportunity for me to take action, I will take them. For now, I have to focus on myself and how to be financially free or else I won't be helping anyone, not even myself.

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