Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Death Note Netflix Movie Review


I Like it

because it's not as gruesome as I imagined. I like that there are humurous dialogues between the demon and Light Turner. Plus I love the character of "L". Mysterious and a genius. I just love watching guys who are super smart and give effort for something they want to accomplish. L wanted to solve who "Kira" was and he successfully did, but he just doesn't know how Light did the killings. Kira was the name that Light chose to attribute the killings to.

I haven't seen the anime. I just saw parts of the Japanese movie for death note and it showed there were other death notes, it's not only one. So, I think there will be a sequel for this english movie.

Since I've never seen the anime series, I don't share the sentiments of the bad reviews for this movie in most youtube videos lolz. Well, maybe I will understand their side when I finally watch the anime.

I love that the movie doesn't have a dull moment, so I guess that's good editing. I was not bored and I did not I sleep on any part of the movie.

The last part of the movie where Light did not give the book to his girlfriend, then the girl took the book from him, and the demon or something, I don't know what it's called, waved his hands around destroying the ferris wheel where the couple was. The girl's death was already written by Light on the Death Note book. 

He doesn't want to give the book to her because he can see how she's drunk with power. She actually caused the deaths of several agents. She doesn't care for the life of the people as long as no one can find out who Kira is. In the movie, Kira was worshipped by some people because the criminals were killed and some have surrendered. They think that what Kira's doing is good for the community as a whole.

So, I like how this movie was made, but the underlying message in it, I don't like. However, my curiosity will get the better of me, and I will still watch sequels if they plan on releasing them, because I want to know how the characters will grow and if they can find a way to really get rid of death notes, because no one can act like they have the right to decide who lives or dies.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, that's why I am not for death penalty. That reminds me of Duterte and his war on "drugs" which is more like a war on the poor drug users or small time drug dealers. That is for another blogpost, coz to talk about forgiveness, crime, hurt, criminals, justice, and how God wants us to act will take me away from the topic of just doing a review for this Death Note movie.

I think I'm going to read the wikipedia of this series later just to find out what really happens in the end.


I also would like to point out here, I already saw the trailers for Netflix' Death Note, but it is only from the tweet of Samson Mow that really tipped the scale for me and really got me curious what this death note is all about. He actually tweeted a gif of the anime, but that got me curious for the english movie version.

Netflix is already available for us here in the Philippines. You can check out Netflix.com and sign up for a free trial and pay as low as 370 pesos per month after the trial period. I chose that plan, the 370 one since I only need one screen for playing movies, my mom will watch with me. :)

I plan on watching old movies again in Netflix and write reviews on them.

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