Tuesday, August 22, 2017

High Strung


My new favorite movie :D 

It's a simple plot, but i just love romantic movies, especially when the couple looks so good together and the guy is super cute lolz.

I just saw this movie last night, I was just channel surfing then found this on star channel. I love movies with dancing in them, step up movies and cheerleading. (Well, I love all kinds of movies.) I love watching great dance choreographies. It's moving art or art in action. :) 

It's the first time I saw a movie where the couple is not dancing together for a dance contest, but they are still partners for a contest. Johnnie (Nicholas Galitzine) is a violinist, so he and Ruby (Keenan Kampa) teamed up for a contest and of course they won. :D

There was a scene in the movie where they did dance together, the Tango scene. I love the lines they said there. Watch the scene here before youtube take it down.

Johnnie: Yes, I've been humble since our last meeting which I want to apologize for.
Ruby: You don't have to do that; I was being pushy, when I don't even know you.
Johnnie: [Pulls her close] Do you want to?
*credit to imdb

I wasn't able to really watch the beginning of the movie, I'd like to watch it again. I'll try to find this and watch it again and again, love stories are super "nakakakilig" to watch. :D

This is their performance:

This is the subway scene, where they first met each other

This is my favorite song from the movie: Weightless

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