Friday, August 4, 2017 - Buy Songs Online in the Philippines

For those in the Philippines, there's a website aside from spotify, where you can stream or download songs and that is

I Like Spinnr so much because it's easy to use and they have the songs of Taylor Swift there lolz.

Although some of the other artists or songs I like are not there, I still use this because the songs are cheap and they can be legally downloaded. I love having copies of the songs on my own computer. Well, sometimes, I like streaming songs, I can listen to one song on their site until sawa or until my data expires.

You can buy songs for:
15 pesos - new songs
10 pesos - old songs

The payment is through your cellphone load. Spinnr FAQ states that anyone can use the website. I don't have any other cellphone number except smart so I don't have any experience in using it with other network. So, what I'm going to share here is my experience as a Smart user.

Their site states: When using Spinnr via 3G/4G/LTE, no mobile data charges will be made. However, if there are other applications using mobile data, charges will apply for using those applications. Rates may change without prior notice.

So, basically, as long as I'm subscribed to their data package, listening to all the songs in their website is free.

I get free spinnr for 3 days with 50pesos data package and I think I got the one month for 99pesos subscription when I bought one of their data promos. Not sure if they're still running the promo of 3gb for 100 pesos.

Here's a sample of the songs I'm listening to now:

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