Wednesday, August 23, 2017

White Screen of Death in my Wordpress blog

So, I encountered this today, and I found this helpful site. But I'm not going to do any of the suggested things there because it's too much work for me. lolz

Good thing, I don't have any content yet for my site. So, instead of doing the ftp things they mentioned there, I will just delete the current wordpress and install a new one using a different theme. I will do this from my cPanel. A theme that hopefully will not make me see the white screen again.

Note to self: dont ever use the writee theme ever again

Update: August 24, 2017 7am
Now I can't access even my cpanel. will have to talk to namecheap's tech dept, I think I made a mistake with the nameservers or something. This is kinda frustrating and want to make me just want to give up and create a new domain and try their easywp product. When easywp becomes available again, I will cancel my hosting and subscribed to easywp and maybe then my blog will become easier to deal with. Until then, I will just prepare my articles for this blog. I have a lot of things on my plate, I have to deal with backlog at work and stuffs I want to do online. so have to decide what to prioritize. I think I'm going to do a "mind dump" again. lolz.

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