Thursday, September 7, 2017

Woman in Love - My Take Aways

First thing that I took away from reading the ebook of Woman in Love is that there is hope for me. That there is a guy, someone like Katie's husband, Mark Hartfiel, who would put God in the center of their relationship, would appreciate her purity and be a really awesome guy to be with lolz.

I want someone like that. The two things I want most in a guy, that he makes God the center of our relationship and that he would appreciate and guard my purity. Katie helped in transforming Mark by praying for him. I will be transforming myself and my future husband through prayers too.

Second thing I took away is that there is a lot of wisdom from the teachings of the Catholic Church on Sex and True Love.

The Church is against contraception, explained in a chapter by Katie. One of the quotes i love from this chapter is:
Sex speaks a language, and the act itself shouts, “I want all of you and I give you all of me!” Contracepting within the sexual act says, “I want all of you, but not that part!… Contraception is, at its core, a deliberate violation of God’s design, not what the Lord created but rather an imitation of the real thing.
If you do not want the responsibility of having a child, then you shouldn't have sex. We are not animals that are just driven by chemicals in our bodies. We are humans and we can think about the consequences of our actions and not rely solely on instinct or what feels good at the moment.

The current culture shows that safe sex is to contracept. I just laugh at the idea. Aside from the fact that it's not 100% effective, the only safe sex you are going to have is to choose not to have it at all or to have it with the person who showed total commitment to you by marrying you, who vowed to be faithful to you, till death do you part.

I only believe in the Catholic Marriage, because that is the true commitment, unlike the civil weddings or any other marriages which you can divorce the one you promised to fully commit to all your life. How ironic is that lolz.

Anyways, the third thing is about chastity. The Church encourages Chastity. As the book stated, Pope Saint John Paul II (my favorite pope :) said that people who practices chastity, experience true love. That to me is really amazing.

I will practice self-control, love for myself and love for another. A deep understanding of sex. It is not only for our own pleasure, it is not only to show that I love my husband, it is not only to physically show my husband the matrimonial vows, but also to form another human being.

Everything here in this world was created by God, He also created sex. Wouldn't it be wise to follow His guidelines on it? Sex is a total giving of self to your husband/wife. I keep saying husband because I believe in the teaching that sex is exclusively for married couple. I have no idea how the current culture of pre-marital sex started, but I don't buy into that.

My top 3 FAVORITE QUOTES from the book

I have more on my notebook, but these are the ones I will share here and explain why I love them.

1. "This is a chance for you to be molded by your First Love, the Lord, and prepared for your Second Love, your future spouse."

I love that quote because it guides me to what I am going to do. I want to put God first in my life, but I don't feel like I'm on fire for Him. I'm not like the other people who talk about God all day. Not all my actions reflect God in them. I'm not that joyful lolz.

My first love would be Lord Jesus and my second love is my future husband. That would mold me from now on. Whenever I write those letters to my future husband, I am reflecting on my life and where it's leading me. I also realized how inadequate I am for the ideal husband that I am asking God. So, those letters and prayers that I'm doing for my future husband also influence me.

2. "It is important to embrace and recognize the difficulty, but simultaneously hold on to the promise."

This is really a valuable quote for me. An encouragement in one sentence. There is difficulty in holding on to what you believe in a society where most people don't share your beliefs. Some will say, why save yourself for that someone? I will advise them to read Woman in Love and they will know my reasons. I am going to hold on to the promise that God will give me the husband that is truly for me, who will love me for who I am, love me all his life, make commitment and always put God first in everything. I will hold on to that promise, no matter what the world throws at me.

Actually, in the past, I was easily irritated by people looking at me like I'm weird when they find out I'm not married at my age and of course even weirder when they find out I'm a virgin and the weirdest of all is that I'm nbsb lolz. But now, I've accepted myself for who I am and I am kinda enjoying this journey of trying to achieve financial freedom and not knowing who I'm going to marry, but I'm going to enjoy all the friendships that will come my way. :)

I remember those animes where the hero sets out to do something and on his way, he meets lots of interesting people, some are enemies, but most became friends. On my way to worldly success and on my way towards Heaven, I'm going to have cool friends.

3."At each instant that I would offer my Husband-To-Be to the Lord, I proceeded to pray also for Mark’s future wife. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t take any piece of Mark, emotionally or physically, that belonged to her."

When Katie and Mark were in a relationship, she didn't jumped to the conclusion that Mark is going to be her husband. So, she continued to pray for her husband-to-be and Mark's wife-to-be. Their relationship is what I'm hoping to have in my future boyfriend/s. That my boyfriend will not take me for granted and that he will want to preserve what is only rightfully for my husband.

I don't expect my first boyfriend to be the husband that I'm praying for. I am going to do what Katie did for Mark. To pray for my future husband and my boyfriend's future wife. We don't know where a relationship will lead, it may lead to the altar, or it will just end and you'll go on living separate lives.

What's important is that we want the best for ourselves and the best for the souls of those we will be in a relationship with.


I have a lot more quotes, but I will leave it at that for now. Katie talked about various topics like modesty, natural family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. The one I'm having the most problem with is modesty especially when it comes to clothes lolz. Even though I can understand the reason behind being modest, I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that men can so easily be tempted with indecent thoughts just by seeing a sexy woman.

I don't wear clothes just so I can attract attention from guys, I wear most of them because they are comfortable or when it's a party or something, I wear clothes that I look beautiful in or at least presentable so I won't embarrass myself in front of other people.

Although, I do practice some restraint a little, because here in our province, not many girls wear spaghetti strap blouses even in summer. I so want to wear spaghetti strap because it's comfortable and it's super hot in the summer, but then I would feel like a meat around predators or something, so I just settle for sleeveless blouses. I am not blind and I can't pretend not to notice that guys are looking at my breasts. As Katie mentioned in her book, I don't want to be the one causing any person to sin. But, when it comes to the beach, I don't know, I still have a goal of wearing a two piece bikini someday 😩😑.

I find it irritating that I have to look out for the other person when it comes to my fashion, but I also don't want to be like Cain when he asked God "Am I my brother's keeper?" because I already know the answer to that. We should all care for each other.

I'm going to read Woman in Love again in the future and maybe the modesty thing will sink in on me but for now, these are my thoughts about what Katie talked about.

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