Monday, October 23, 2017

Aqua Beach Club

Aqua Beach Club is a bar located at the roofdeck of ABC hotel. This hotel is located at fields avenue in angeles city.  Fields avenue is the red light district here in Angeles City, Pampanga. So, of course, when we went there for our cuzcapades, it seems to me that most of the girls there were call girls, and most guys are foreigners (most are old guys) with their escorts. Although we did see one cute guy near our age, not sure if he was with a girl, we didn't really notice since we were busy with our photo shoots lolz.

I think that was also why no guy approached us during our stay there hahahaha, we were taking photos every minute we were there, ok, maybe that's an exagerration but you get the idea, we didn't really have time to relax at the pool because after we were done with our solo and group photo shoots, it's time to eat and then it's only 3 hours left before our rental of the cabana expires and we haven't even had the photo shoot for the syringe shot.

I personally like the place because it's the first time that I saw a cabana where there is water underneath and you can swim your way from the cabana to the main pool. I really love how the place was constructed.

That's me, coming up to our cabana, love that idea of being able to enjoy the water even just under the cabana. 😍😍😍😍😍

Well, we were not there really for the night club anyway lolz, so we got the schedule of 11am to 8pm hahahahaha we are really getting old, I don't fancy dancing all through the night, I'd like to sleep by 10pm except of course, if there are family parties or something.

This pic below is not a clear shot, but this is how the entrance of the cabana looks. And the other photo is me sitting at our cabana.

Our Cabana costs 4,000 pesos, other more spacious cabanas cost I think around 8,000. We chose the small cabana since we were only four, and we don't need that much space. Thanks to Tita Didi (Ate Tan's mom) she paid for that and we didn't have to shell out the money, thanks tita!! :)

That 4,000 pesos is also consumable with drinks. So, we only have to actually pay for food. We ordered mostly coke, mineral water and mango shakes, later at night before we left, we ordered the alcoholic drinks.

I love the syringe shot, it tastes great!

Their comfort room (toilets) are very clean. The changing room is also comfortable to be in. I just don't like the showers, it's see-through doors lolz, I know we were all girls there but I still prefer to not be seen by anyone while taking a shower.

The lockers are also located at the same room as the changing room, so the locker area has a cctv camera. The receptionist will give you a key for the locker. We were given pink bracelets with the key inside. I was told by my cousin that if you lost the bracelet/key, you have to pay 2500 pesos.

The waiters there are very friendly lolz, they saw us sometimes struggling to get a picture of all of us four and taking several minutes to get just one shot and so they offered to take the photo for us. They don't know that we were taking several minutes to get the shot because we were looking for perfect angles and good background and everything lolz.

Above the main pool is the dj booth and so of course we took several photos with the booth in the background. The funny thing for me was, most of the songs that the dj was playing were the ones we were dancing in our zumba sessions. Plus he also played the song Attention, I love it!!! :)

There is also a skybar located on top of this place. We took several solo photos there of course :) Below are my favorite photos of me there. I look a lil bit thin at a distance lolz.

This is how it looks like at night. It feels relaxing to be at the skybar at night. I think I wanna go back there with them to just talk and enjoy the atmosphere.

You can actually see the SM shopping mall near the place.

There's really something so relaxing being on top of a building and just looking down and feeling the air on your face.

Some of my other pictures from the club:

So, in conclusion, I think this is a great place to hang out even if you are just girls wanting to have some bonding time and if you would love to have some great pictures. But, I can speak only of my experience there during that time of 11am to 8pm, I don't know what really happens when you are there till wee hours in the morning.

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