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Trip to Singapore and Malaysia - March 2017

Very Late Upload and blogpost 😓

I don't really know why I didn't feel like blogging about this when it was fresh in my memory lolz. Anyways, at least I'm doing it now. I love reminiscing. 💚💛💜

It was my first time out of the country and I love that trip with my cousins, Ate Tan and Rassel :) (Although I was sometimes irritable especially when we were lost lolz sorry cuzs 😇, I have to learn to be more patient.)

By the way, I'd like to say a very huge thank you to Tita Pres and Tuto! :) You already know why :)

On to my story...
rassel, me, ate tan, bumblebee on the background
this was at universal studio

Our activities there were already scheduled, so we didn't waste any time vacillating what to do next. Ate Tan is super great at scheduling 😁😁😁😁


We arrived at Changi Airport around 4pm, and we were met by my brother's wife Audrey. We had snacks at starbucks. 

I love the Changi airport, so beautiful. Even at the start of our journey there, we never miss a photo op lolz. I think we were the last of the passengers from our flight to go through customs because we were taking some pictures 😁😁😍. 

Love the background lol
After a few minutes of rest at starbucks, we went to our hotel, Fragrance Hotel Balesteir. (My review here.) We just put our baggages there then went out and went to Little India and Gholia's village and met Audrey and my brother again (I call him tuto - my own version of "toto" bisaya word for older brother, 'to for short).

one of the temples in Little India

At one of the houses in Gholia's Village

We had dinner at the No Signboard Restaurant. Love the foods.

yummmmyyyyy 😋😋😋

with tuto / The Borromeos :)
love the background of this pic lol
This was the first time that I saw a container for our bags/shopping bags, so our bags weren't a hindrance when we ate. I love it!! I wish restaurants here in the Philippines will have these too.



The next day, Wednesday morning, we were scheduled for Malaysia. We went to Singapore Flyer because that's where the bus bound for Legoland Malaysia would be. My first time out of the country and I was able to go to two countries already, love it 😍😍 Although, of course, we only went to Legoland there and the Hello kitty place. I may go back to Malaysia to see the Petronas twin towers. I was only able to take a picture of the towers, the lego version lol. I love the lego arts, I call them masterpieces, pictures later.

LEGOLAND & Hello Kitty

It was very hot so we put on sunblock every few hours. I put on my hat, coz my forehead gets really affected by the sun. But, most of the time I removed it when taking pictures. :)

Legoland Entrance

Love this lego petronas towers

They even included the Philippines on the various countries they featured there, love it!

Lego Yoda! 💝 my favorite character in Star Wars

Lego Taj Mahal
We also went to Hello Kitty place in Malaysia, I think it was part of the tour. I don't really like hello kitty, but they want to go there so of course I went with them. There are cute things there, but it's just really not my cup of tea lolz. But, I never waste a photo op lolz.

The not so fun thing for me with this whole Singapore to Malaysia travel was the immigration part where we sometimes literally have to run to get in line first. I hate it when there are lots of people trying to be the first, when that happens, I prefer to be at the back and just be the last lolz, but of course that is not an option when I'm with other people.

We were in a bus and good thing was the driver really waited for his passengers, no person left behind. That's a good thing because when we were getting back to Sg, what I'm afraid of, happened, I was the last person that went through immigration and I imagined that those people in the bus were already irritated that they have to wait for that last person lolz. I know I was irritated and impatient when we are not moving along and just waiting for minutes for those people who went last in immigration when we were on our way to legoland. Good thing that my cousins were really fast, they ran to the immigration and were the first ones to get out there and they were able to save my seat on the bus. Thanks Ras and ate Tan! 😁


Haji Lane

I love the murals here, they are so beautiful and really fun to take pictures of.

We also went to Arab Street where we bought a few souvenirs. But, we didn't really take photos there.

Clark Quay and Ion Sky

Clark quay is on the riverside place and Ion Sky is an indoor observation deck at the 56th floor of Ion Orchard (This shopping center is where lots of super expensive branded bags, clothes, etc are sold.)

We just passed by Clark Quay and took a few photos, then we went to Ion Sky.

However, before we got to Ion sky, we decided to eat lunch first. We used Google maps to find this shopping center and we were following the directions and I love walking, but my cousins grew tired of walking and were very hungry. So, before we got to our destination, they saw a KFC at lucky chinatown and decided to eat there lolz. The place was packed, but rassel was really quick-witted, we were having a hard time finding a spot to eat, but she saw this guy eating alone and she asked if we can share the table and he agreed, then she called me and said she found a table, im so grateful! So, we ate our lunch and went to Ion Orchard to meet ate tan's friend and go to Ion Sky.

at ion sky
There were exhibits of Salvador Dali's works around
the shopping mall, but my favorite was this one

Merlion Park 

Love this place, so relaxing when I was looking at the marina bay sands, really just the water and the whole ambiance is so beautiful. However, when you get to where the big merlion was, there were lots of people, you can still enjoy it, but I really prefer not having a lot of people around it, of course that can't be since it's a public place lolz.

my facebook live video


This is my favorite among the places we visited on that day. Gardens by the Bay. I love the super huge trees!!! I saw these trees once on the movie Hitman: Agent 47 and I was really happy seeing those trees in person. Love love love love it! 😃😻

  Day 4

Universal Studio

Of course, we cannot passed this up. Good thing ate Tan already bought all the tickets we needed for all the places we went to in Singapore and Malaysia so we didn't spend any time at the counters, we just walked right in and showed the printed tickets. We already paid her the amounts while we were still in the Philippines so all we had to talked about are the fares for the taxis and ubers we rode.

My favorites photos:


Fountain of Wealth

This was my suggestion, I really wanted to see this fountain, not because I want to make a wish on it, but because I read that it is the largest fountain in the world and I just had to see that! But, of course, I also went around the smaller fountain in the middle of that big fountain to wish for wealth, even though I don't believe in it lolz.


This is where we bought most of our souvenirs and "pasalubong" for our family and relatives.

There are lots of cute stuffs here with merlion in them or I 💜 SG. I bought lots of bags, pens and wallets, etc. I love walking around here, but we had to stop ourselves because everywhere we turn, we just wanna buy stuffs and spend all our money lolz.

On the 6th day, we organized our things on our travel bags and luggages then went to the airport and went back to the Philippines. :)

at Changi Airport Departure Area


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