Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jessica Matthews interview on Impact Theory

This was an interview of Tom Bilyeu with Jessica Matthews.


Transcript of her words that I love:
One, there’s the concept of getting to know oneself, and owning that, and then going down a path that fits who you are versus kind of fights against who you are.
*With the blogs, the platform of online blogs giving me a way to share my thoughts, I can be myself. I can follow a path that fits me and not fight against who I am. I can talk about the things I want to talk about and not be limited with the interests of the people around me. I have a chance to connect with people who are interested in the things that I am interested in.*
The first thing that I did was not think too far ahead. So, the idea was instead of imagining from day 1, oh I wanna build an energy company, it was more imagining or really envisioning, why am I getting up in the morning? What's the point of my day?...

...instead of trying to live a successful life, if you aim to have a successful day, if you have 13 out of the 24 hours of your day, if you won those hours, you won the day. If you win most of the days in a week, you won the week. We just need a simple majority here, right? If you win most of the weeks in a month, there you go. Most of the months in a year, most of the years in a life and all of a sudden, look at that, without even trying, you’ve been able to kind of get somewhere.

*I love that thought, to just win the majority of it, not all, just most. I know that I'm not perfect and can only do so much in a day. But, to just push myself to win most of the hours in a day, I think that's doable.*

We all have our struggle, regardless of who we are, whether you’re male or female, black, orange, green, who cares? We all have our struggle, and we all have our privilege. I consider it a privilege to be born of Nigerian parents… …that to me, is privilege, to have parents who believe in you, irrationally so. I feel privileged to have gone to the schools I’ve gone to, right?

In the end, it’s about recognizing the value in our own struggle, being appreciative, and aware of our privilege, so we can have empathy for others, and their experience. We can bridge the gap for them, and then being able to take all of that, and own it… …This is who I am. Hello to who you are, and to who you are, that’s great, but this is who the f*ck I am. Take it or leave it.

I know that no matter what happens, if I stay who I am, I will feel good about it, at the end of the day. The only thing that’s going to be constant in this ever changing world, especially in the start up space, is who I am.
*I am privileged to have been able to go to private schools during my elementary, high school and college days. I am not rich, in terms of money, but I consider myself very blessed to have all the things that I've received. This is my life, I'm not poor nor rich, I'm in the middle class, that's me. Another thing is that, I am interested in things that other women in their 30s are not interested in. Some of my interests include watching Dota lolz, playing wartune everyday, blogging, etc. This is who the f*ck I am.*

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