Sunday, December 3, 2017

Meat diet journey

My inspiration at this time is Kelly Hogan.

She has been doing zero-carb diet for years.
I cannot do the zero-carb, but i did eat less rice, sometimes I don't eat rice at all the whole day. I think what I'm doing is ketogenic diet, high-fat, low carb.... I'm eating meat, chicken, burgers, but most of the time pork.

They said to remove sugar from your diet... I can't do it at this time... I still drink coke or other sodas and fit and right (name of the juice made by a local company here and of course it has sugar) and I still eat chocolates... How can I have an incremental adjustment with this? I don't want to remove sugar from my diet at this time, but maybe lessen it.

Most probably, I won't ever do the zero-carb diet or meat-only diet. I still want to eat fruits, but I can live without vegetables lolz. I've been eating sweets since my childhood, how can I just remove it from my diet all of a sudden? I don't want to do that and I don't think I can.

I'm going to read all of the information here in this website that I saw on one of the tweets of Michael Goldstein,

I'm posting the two websites here so I can go back to them anytime.


I am still currently 192 lbs. I just ordered a 3 piece swimwear in that I really want to wear next summer, March 2018. It's one size smaller than my actual size, I'm xxl, but the largest size they have is XL, so my goal now is to be one size smaller within 3 to 4 months, in time for summer lolz. Well, that's my forever goal actually lolz. As Jim Rohn said, for things to change, I have to change.... I want to change!!! hahahah I remember the song from South Park, I can change, I can change lolz

Anyways, if I want to wear this outfit for our next swimming cuzcapades, I would really have to change what I eat and my workout, it has to be intense. I know I won't look like the model below, but at least I can look a little bit thinner than what I look like now.

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