Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mr. Robot - My New Fav Series

*Spoiler Alert*

I'm obsessed! lolz

I love Mr. Robot!!

I just watched the first episode of season 1 and a few minutes of episode 2 in iFlix and I'm hooked. I'm gonna binge watch in a few days.

*Not about Mr. Robot, but about my love for computers and hackers*
I want to share my thoughts and I want to get this out of my system lolz. If you just want to read about Mr. Robot, you can skip this part. :)

I love hackers! Ever since the Hackers movie (remember crash and burn) and the movie of Sandra Bullock The Net. I'm fascinated with people who can do things with a computer, I love computers, that's why I took up a computer course in college, I just didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up for computer science lolz.

I think I still know how to program in pascal hahahahah and I can read codes if I know the syntax and commands used, but I don't feel any joy in actually writing my own code, hhmmmnnn maybe because the ones we did at school are so boring it took the joy out of making my own programs. But, anyways, I'm going to try to learn C again. I'm inspired by this episode (and the people I follow in twitter who are Bitcoin devs)

I love hackers because of the skills that they have, power in just a few keystrokes, they are genuises. Although, some are bad hackers, there are lots of good ones too, I guess. I remember this video that Andrew Desantis, one of the people I follow in twitter tweeted a few months ago, it's a video of Steve Jobs and he said these words that I love:

"man as a tool maker has the ability to make a tool to amplify an inherent ability that he has and that’s exactly what we’re doing here"

A computer is a tool. Just like a knife, scissors, etc. It's the person behind the tool that make the masterpieces, chefs use knives, dressmakers use scissors, there are world-class chefs and dressmakers (I don't know what they're called, designers? neways) but these tools are also used to kill people. So, it can be used for good or bad, it depends on the person using it. Computers are the same thing, it depends on the hacker if he/she will use his/her skill and this tool for the good or bad, but there's no denying, this computer amplify an inherent ability that he/she already has.

Actually, even ordinary things like slippers or tsinelas as we call it here, can be used to create masterpieces. There's this pinoy who created The Hulk, Iron Man and other superheroes using discarded slippers. He made the headlines.

*About Elliot*
Elliot, the protagonist in the series, is a hacker.

He is a drug addict, who maybe the key in saving the world from the .01% who controls the world. He is an employee by day and a hacker at night. He is intelligent, but he has social anxiety. He is kind and very likeable.

Actually, when I saw this character, I remember Raistlin from the Dragonlance books, Raistlin is a very powerful mage but has a weakness, his body, very frail and can't really handle the intensity of magic. I see Elliot as powerful because he has the skill to topple a huge organization to free the people from E-corp's clutches, but he has a weakness too, he is addicted to drugs and he was really hurt by the death of his father.

Raistlin has a brother but he felt alone most of the time because no one in his group of friends really understood him, while Elliot has a few friends but he is really alone. When I see him, it's like I just want to go over to him and tell him it's going to be okay.

The story so far, is that a group of hackers let him in into their organization, but I don't know what to think of FSociety at the moment, I don't know if they really want to blow up the place where e-corp backs-up their data. Elliot doesn't want to kill people, like a normal person's response would be. I'm looking forward to continue watching the episodes :)

Why DO I LOVE  this series?
  • because it has a hacker as a protagonist. 
  • because it has a plot that I love to delve into, you know a huge organization that makes a lot of money, plus a secret group, an invisible hand that moves pieces like in a chess board, except it's real life and it affects real people in that show
  • because Elliot has a soft spot for that dog that was being treated badly by his owner, I love that dog, he's super cute.
  • because the dialogue is not boring and the whole episode 1 is fast paced. There's no moment that I would suggest they edit out.
  • because even though he is a drug addict, and I don't agree with fornication, I like this series because I want to watch someone actually go against all odds and take on a Goliath, a huge corporation or a secret group behind that corp and I want to see him win someday
  • I love the actors and their characters... Aside from J.K.Rowling, and J.R.R.Tolkien, I think this is going to be one of my inspirations for writing my own fiction story which I hope to get published someday... I love seeing different people with their own unique characteristics and how they are weaved into the fabric of the story.
  • I saw that the writer, executive producer and creator of this series is the same person, Sam Esmail. It felt to me like he really is passionate about having this series in the air that aside from being the creator, he is also the executive producer which means he secured the money or maybe it came from his own pockets, Idk, but he is responsible for the fund that this series needed to be able to continue filming. He is my new inspiration.
Where can you watch it
If you are in the Philippines, you can go to, create an account, and you will have free access for 30 days. For now, you can't choose the settings for the videos you watch there, so I actually watch the episodes only on my cellphone lolz. well at least it's very clear. When you download the series to your device, you can choose the highest quality so you can watch the series clearly.

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