Saturday, January 27, 2018

Anvaya Cove

LOVE this place!! it's so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
These are 3 of my favorite photos at Anvaya:

We went to Anvaya Cove last December 2017. It's a members only resort at Morong, Bataan. However, members can have guests. My cousin knows a member and so my cousin plus 4, we became the guests. The member doesn't have to be there the whole time with us. After her husband gave us the etiquettes to have while we were there, we were left on our own.

I really enjoyed my stay that day, I hope next time we can stay overnight :) I want to have a night swim there... the pool seems so much more relaxing at night.

I love that the place has free cold water available anytime near the beach, where a person can really feel thirsty.

The locker room and the bathroom are just right beside each other. The showers are in the locker room. Each shower stall is large enough that you would really be comfortable to clean yourself up after a swim. The lockers are huge enough that we were able to fit in all our 4 (or was it 6) bags in one locker.

Of course, this blogpost won't be complete without a selfie :)

my view from where I was sitting when I took that selfie

I love walking along the beach and just listening to the waves of the ocean, so peaceful. If I have time, maybe if we ever do an overnight at a resort, I would walk the whole length of the beach just like I did at Bohol Beach Club back in 2006. That reminds me, I would put a blogpost on that as well. I love Bohol (would love to go back there someday again) and I would love to post my throwback pics when I was still a little bit thin lolz.

Love the beach here coz it's very clean

Some other photos:

I highly recommend this place, it's very beautiful. 

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