Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bible Study - Jan 11, 2018

We talked about the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Usually I interpret these verses to mean that Jesus was referring to the actual innate talents given to each person and that we should not hide these talents, show the world and give glory to God. However, when we were talking about this earlier in the Bible study, I realized something, maybe the Holy Spirit made me realize it, idk, I thought, well that parable was like the metaphor for God and how He gives blessings to people. He gave different amounts of money to different people. The first two people double the money they got, but the third one hid the money and didn't do anything with it.

I realized, it's like how God blesses each of us. We received blessings in various ways in various amounts. What do we do with these blessings? Like for example, we are given opportunity to work and receive salaries. What do we do with the money we have? Everyone in the world doesn't have the same situation as the other person, every experience of a person is unique, but the one thing we have in common (whether they believe in it or not) is that we are given different amount of opportunities/ blessings by God. At the end of my life, when I die and I meet God and He asked me what did I do with the opportunities He gave me while I was still alive, I would like to think I'd be like the first two servants in the parable who doubled their talents/blessings. I want to double everything that I receive today.

I have to admit that I am kind of lazy and I want to change that. I don't want to be a sloth. It's one of the 7 deadly sins and I know why God is offended by it. I mean how can anyone be given a life here on earth and just waste it on nonsense things? well, who am I to judge on what nonsense is, but I don't want to just sleep all day, I want to be able to enjoy life and of course serve people and God in the process. But, I know I have a lot to learn and a lot of changing to do. I am full of pride, not humble at all and I know this is weird to think but I'm grateful that I have not yet achieved success/ or be wealthy with money, since that would amplify the bad attitudes I have.

I guess I have to change me first, I remember what Jim Rohn said, for things to change I have to change. If I keep myself connected to Jesus, I'll definitely change for the better. He is the vine and I am one of the branches. Remember Psalm 1:3.

I only have a small salary at this time, but I would want to double that at the end of the year and maybe saving in Bitcoin would help me in that aspect or maybe I'll set up a blog that focuses on something (niche) and earn bits/satoshis from that. I'll think of something for sure. I want to take actions, I don't want to hide away the blessings and return them to God without doing anything with it. I want to be productive.

oh, by the way, I started day 1 of reading the Bible and the Catechism for 365 days. It's easy when it's broken down to bits and pieces. Love it! :)

I would have to do that for the bitcoin-earning blog that I'm going to start. Break down the huge goal to little tiny bits. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm going to give it a shot. I'll regret it for sure 10 years from now if I don't even try today.

Anyways, back to the parable... The master gave 5 talents to one person and gave 2 talents to another and one talent to the last person... We are given different amount of blessings, we are born rich, or middle class or poor, we are given opportunities to study to different kind of schools, some people are not even able to go to school, we are given opportunities to work, and are given different amounts of salaries, if you compare your salary to other people, you may have higher or lower amount, but the amount is not the important thing, the thing that's important to God (imo) is that did you do something with the blessings/opportunities given to you... are you doing something good/productive with what's in front of you right now?

I would love to hear God say to me when I die and He reads in the Book of Life the things that I did while I was still alive, I want to hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful daughter"

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