Sunday, January 21, 2018

Triggered by a scene in The Magicians

I was triggered by that one scene in the series that I love watching:

The Magicians.

     I love this series, I can suspend reality and just enjoy the series, I can take the fornication, the gay relationships, the trivial view they have for sex like it's nothing and just do it when you feel like it, the magic stuffs (of course this is a magic series lolz), I know that even if these are all morally wrong, that these are the norms now and that it's going to take awhile to explain to people why these things are wrong... anyways, the one thing I can't take and what triggered me to write this blogpost was the scene where the character basically said that God is not real or that scene where the guy said that there are deities... Of course, I'm Catholic and there is only one True God.

     I think I was triggered by that scene because I really wanted to see a scene on tv series or movies where they are able to refute an argument against the existence of God and win that argument, but I haven't seen that in popular series or movies yet, that's why I want to publish this blogpost to at least defend my belief even though not many people will read this and most don't really care about whether God is real or not because they think it's not important. Actually, sometimes I could care less if the person I'm talking to doesn't believe in God, I'm not the one going to suffer for all eternity. But, sometimes when I'm triggered, I really have to say something and so I have to get this out of my system and into this blogpost.

     If ever you take something away from this blogpost, make it this one: think about Christianity very deeply. If there's only one thing you can get from everything here, I hope you'll get this quote from C.S. Lewis:

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important."

Well, you can say that about every other religion, but my faith is in the Christian God. And of course, other people have other beliefs, so a person who thinks that eternal life is important can research every religion in this world and have lots of information and be confused as to what is the "truth". That's why Catholics are told not to ever tell a lie. Or a person can just say, well, f*ck it, why should I care about that, I'm enjoying my life... Well, as C.S. Lewis says it is infinitely important if it's true... Since we cannot determine exactly the truth until we die, we rely on our faith, on our belief, on the information we have around us. I rely on the Word of God.

     I love dissecting the quote of C.S. Lewis because if it turns out that we, Catholics are right and I believe we are, then isn't it logical to treat our religion as important? Eternity is of course eternal lolz there's no ending, so the 80 or 100 yrs you have here on earth, maybe is just one second in that eternity. So, isn't the life we are going to have for eternity more important than the life we have here on earth, but of course, both are important, but the time we have here, is just like an entrance exam for the life we are going to have for all eternity, we can pass to Heaven or fail to Hell.

      I used to be one of those people who believe that God was only made up by people who need someone to rely on, because they can't deal with their own problems themselves. I still believe we can lean on God but no longer believe that He is just an imaginary person. He is real and the resurrection was real. The apostles of Jesus didn't die for a story of a person, they died because of what they saw and they will not deny what they saw with their own eyes.

       Point is, it matters what you choose here in this life. So the game was already won, the only part we're playing is how many will come with Jesus to Heaven and how many will be in hell.... God wants us all, but He will not make us into machines able to do good things because we don't know anything else, that's why we have free will, I'm paraphrasing what C.S. Lewis said....

     I know that we have to fight for freedom, but in reality, we are always free, no one can ever take your "freedom to choose" from you... even if you follow what others want you to do, you are still the one choosing to follow them... so that's why when saints were threatened to be beheaded or whatever they can think of ways to kill them, tortured, burned, remove their fingernails, or whatever torture they can think of, the saints of the Church never wavered, they chose to not renounce Jesus, they can be prisoned, tortured, whatever , but your freedom to choose will always be with you.

     Threats can be your excuse to say "I didn't have a choice" but no, we always have a choice, we just don't want the consequence of the other one that's why we think we don't have any other choice, but the reality is you do have a choice and you choose this one instead of the other.... when you impregnate a woman, you choose to be responsible and be a father to the child or you choose to abort, or you choose to have the baby adopted, or you just choose to leave and not think about it... when you are a Catholic and under threat, you deny Jesus as God , you choose to renounce Him, it's your choice, death (life with Jesus after you die) or life on this earth but not be with Jesus after death.

     Some people 'tolerate' the Catholic view, you have your belief, I have mine... They can accept absolute truth from material things, but they will not accept that there is an absolute truth when it comes to life after death. If a pen is blue it is not red, it is absolutely blue. Well, it's easier to accept because you can see it. Well, the apostles saw Jesus died and come back to life after 3 days and ascended to heaven. They did not die because of a story they made up, they died because they will not deny what they saw with their own eyes. Of course, I did not see what happened at that time, but I believe the apostles.

     (I haven't seen a million pesos yet, but I believe it exists. I haven't been to space and saw the earth revolve around the sun, but I believe it does because of the authorities (science & schools) that said so. That's why Jesus established the Catholic Church, He gave it the Authority to teach on His behalf, to make disciples of all. I haven't seen Jesus nor the apostles but I believe the Church that God Himself established here on earth. I believe the Magisterium, the Bible and the Tradition).

     I think there's a reason why God wants us to say the truth all the time and if we do lie, to confess that sin, not only because the reality that liars go to hell is very true... but maybe he has seen this instance in history where there are people who will bend the truth, make up a story, make the "truth" as you see fit... Maybe God wants to show the world that there is absolute truth by making people be like Him, that He will never lie, He is the Truth, the Way and the Life...

     Actually, I don't trust people who lie, even if they say it's "only" a white lie, it's still a lie, how can you trust a person who says yes when he really means no. Will you trust an organization who lie about their scientific findings? will you trust a researcher if he fake a research? will you trust a person who lies about even a single thing? You will now try to verify everything he says, right? but what about life after death? can you say, ok, i will kill myself first and then come back to life again and when i find out that what he's saying is true, then I can believe him and act accordingly... When you die, there's no going back unless God says it's not yet your time to die. So, basically, we cannot verify if what people say about life after death is true, then how do we know if it's real, how do we know who to trust? Well, I trust those who have been with Jesus and who will not deny him even with threats of death or torture. I trust the authority that comes from the Creator of the universe.

      I think it's logical for God to actually command us not to lie, to always say the truth, aside from being trustworthy, no one will ever doubt a word you say. The Catholic Church teaches us not to lie, when you can't trust anything in this world, you will know for sure that the Catholic Church tells the truth always. I mean the magisterium, the authority, not the people in it. People can lie, but the magisterium never. When you can't trust anything in this world, you can trust in the word of Catholics faithful to the teachings of the Church that Jesus established.

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