Saturday, February 24, 2018

First rule in 12 rules for life

I love this book, even though I don't agree with everything he stated. I'm only at the second rule, haven't finished the chapter yet but I just want to write down my thoughts for now on rule number one.

The first rule is to stand straight with your shoulders back. I know it seems simple but even that I realized, I didnt do. I really lack confidence, my bestfriend told me that too. I dont stand up straight and im kinda shy around strangers and dr. peterson was so right when he mentioned awkward pause in conversation. I dont really know how to talk to people comfortably in general. I'm very comfortable when I'm with my close friends and cousins, but when it comes to acquaintances I tend to become self-conscious and the conversations don't have a smooth flow. 

I'm going to practice all the rules in this book and see if there will be changes in my life. I am writing on my notebook my favorite quotes from that book and thoughts I have from what I've read. I noticed when I scanned my writings, that I actually dont have any thoughts lol, I just absorbed his words like a sponge. 

I love that he referenced stories from the Bible but, I dont like some of his conclusions. One example is when he said that the pieta showed female/male dual unity. I actually dont see that in that art, I only see a grieving mother because her son died. I realized, sometimes we really see things on a lens, I see everything with a Christian lens, not sure what lens Dr. Peterson sees the world. I also realized that people can really look at art or things or whatever matter is in front of them and interpret them in a different way than intended by the creator. Pieta was created to show a mother mourning for her son, but Dr. Peterson interprets it differently.

I won't get into it but when he mentioned androgyny of Christ, wtf is my first thought. I guess when people dont experience Jesus in their lives, they are unable to believe the apostles and understand what Jesus Christ taught. I dont want to spend my precious time on this atm, I'll let it be and I hope someday he gets to talk to Catholic apologists like Jimmy Akin, Karl Keating and Tim Staples. 

Anyways, except for parts that I don't agree with, I really love this book, because I think this is what's missing in my life, some kind of structure.... specific rules to follow everyday... I already know what God wants me to follow everyday but, it's so difficult to love even my enemies, difficult for me to love everybody, so I'll start with God and myself first. 

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