Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tolkien's Leaf

This video by father schmidt talks about the story written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the title is "leaf by niggle"

You can watch the whole video to learn more about it.

When I learned about Tolkien's leaf, I really love the message behind the story. Well, I haven't read the whole story, just parts of it in wikipedia, but I love how Fr. Schmidt explained it.

Here's a transcript of the explanation for the leaf story:

The lesson that Tolkien was trying to communicate to us and that Timothy Keller is pointing out in his book on work, is that a lot of us might devote our lives to a great vision, right? We might devote our lives to this great work that just never actually gets fulfilled, that never actually gets off the ground, that never actually gets accomplished. We might never finish the great work that the Lord has placed in our heart…. ….We just kind of like, we live and live and live and work and work and work and then we die and we go, “What’s it all for? All I have is this one leaf to show for this entire life?”

And this is where the virtue of faith, and the virtue of hope, this is where the perspective of God comes in. For the rest of the world, they might say, “Wow, that person wasted their life painting one leaf, but we realize this: a life that’s lived in Christ and devoted to one great thing, whether that great thing is like to teach my class of, you know, fourth graders, or to raise up my kids as best I can or to treat the patients that I see in hospital or in the clinic as best I can, or whatever, maybe to edit videos and maybe it’s, it’s to produce a great content online.

Whatever the thing that you have in your heart, in your mind, wherever you’re working for, even if it’s not accomplished on this earth. We believe, we trust that the Lord can do something with it that radiates through eternity. This is one of the things that we belive as Catholic Christians. There’s no thing that we- you and I can choose to do on this earth and in this life that doesn’t matter. That every good work that you and I try to do, it matters.

-- end of transcript --

So, every time I see the leaves in a tree, I will be reminded of the leaf story by Tolkien. It will remind me that whatever I dream of here on earth, even if I don't get to see it fulfilled in my lifetime, even if I only accomplished one part of it, if I was able to paint only one leaf in the canvass... God will do something with it long after I'm gone... the leaf will radiate through eternity.

I remember the people who created our constitution, well , it's also the same in the USA, the people who created their constitution wrote it years ago, but still it is being used now and will be used for all eternity as long as there are people willing to fight for their rights and freedom.

Aaron Swartz is also an example of painting a leaf... I think he started a lot of organizations that are helping people online even today. I will read more about him and learn more about his story. Except for the suicide he committed, he is an inspiration to me.

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