Friday, March 9, 2018

Lenten fast

my fasting would be with some of my online activities... 
taking a break from blogging, twitter and facebook

I'll be back on first week of April

Update: Mar 17, 2018
Changed my mind about the blogging and twitter thing, I'm going to continue blogging during lent and go to twitter, but I can forego facebook.

I can't believe I lasted a week without logging in to twitter and facebook lolz. FB was easy to ignore since I had a bad experience with it recently, but twitter I really miss. Then while I was reading some books, I kept on thinking of what I would write on my blog when I get to go back to it. 

Then I had an opportunity to do this online shop from Human Heart Nature, my favorite company atm. I'm going to try to experiment with doing product reviews. I'm already a "dealer" so I get a discount when I buy their products and can sell them at srp. 

I want to try different things but I don't know if I can take the bad feedbacks.

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