Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Thoughts on Catholic Girl's Survival Guide for the Single Years

I haven't finished reading this yet, but I just want to record my thoughts on this book, my favorite book at the moment. 

It was printed in year 2012, but it still is applicable today, six years after it was written. It's like a perennial book since it's rooted in Catholic teachings.

I read a sample from amazon and I really wanted to buy it because I felt like I found a friend who understands my struggles. And I am right, this book is so easy to read. How Emily wrote it, felt to me like she was directly speaking to me. I love it. Well, she was 35 when she wrote it. I'm 36, will be 37 in november,(wow nearing 40. I think in 2021, I will think that 40 is the new 20 lolz. j/k. ), I can relate with everything I've read so far in the book. So, I'm 36, single, never been married, nbsb, but still thinking that marriage is my vocation lol.

As she mentioned on her book, the pool of men that I can choose from is small, since I'm a practicing Catholic single girl and I feel there's no one boy here who could understand no pre-marital sex, no promiscuity (yes, even in a predominantly Catholic population, most guys here regard sex as dictated by movies, they don't really know about the Catholic teachings, nor do they care I assume), my cousin said I'm part of the 0.01% who still believe in what I believe in (I think the church here really failed in teaching our generation about why we believe what we do as Catholics), but I still trust in God and He will lead me to the right person or the guy will find me first, idk. However, there's also a part of me who likes this guy who's not at all my ideal guy, so I need help with that too, I thought I already let it go, but I still couldn't, may blogpost about it on another day.

Back to the book, I skipped to chapter 7 actually because it was entitled: what to do when it hurts. I need advice on that so I read it before I started again on chapter 1.

If you have been single for years and you want to know how to handle when it aches, then I recommend skipping to that chapter so you can get her tips on what to do. I love her tips, but I couldn't mention it here, she doesn't specify in her book that it's ok to quote the book. Neways, if you like the sample which you can read in amazon, you'll not be disappointed. The way she explained each tip, I love it, I highlighted the paragraphs. She is really a great writer, very clear and concise, very easy to get what she means. 

On other chapters in the book, I love that she explains the meaning of vocation, the single life, and the authentic femininity. 

I'm gonna continue reading the book...

if you want to buy it, click below

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